Avoid Personal Injury This Holiday Season

Posted on November 17th, 2020

Did you know that emergency rooms often see a 10% spike in ER visits throughout the holiday season? Whether you’ll be passing around the turkey at home or virtually this Thanksgiving, as you prepare for the holiday season, it’s important to keep in mind the likelihood of sustaining personal injuries. From burns and food poisoning, car accidents, and more, here are some of the most common personal injuries you’ll want to avoid this holiday.

Car Accidents

Historically, there are spikes in car accident-related fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend compared to other days of the year. While not as sharp an increase as in the summer months, many Thanksgiving and winter holiday car accidents are due to road conditions, alcohol consumption, speeding, driving distractedly, and failing to put on a seat belt.

Even though COVID-19 mandates in Pennsylvania may have family gatherings looking different, we can still expect busier than normal roadways which can also lead to car accidents.

Food Poisoning

Perhaps this is your first holiday preparing a turkey, or maybe you’ve had to downsize your plans, making you question if the smaller bird really needs to bake as long as you typically would–no matter the situation, be mindful of proper food preparation this Thanksgiving.

Small steps you can take to avoid poisoning the family include:

  • Washing your hands and surfaces to avoid cross-contamination
  • Putting away leftovers in a timely fashion; within 3 hours of sitting on your table, bacteria can grow
  • Defrosting the turkey on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator, not the top, as the juices can drip into other things

Fires and Burns

Maybe you’re planning on deep frying the turkey this year, or perhaps you have to run to the grocery store while the sweet potato casserole is baking in the oven. While these may seem like small things, anytime you leave a cooking appliance unattended, you run the risk of fire or burns to your family home and injuries to those inside of it.

This holiday, practice mindful cooking and baking by always attending to your oven and stove, and being prepared for grease fires with flour or baking soda.

Five minutes away can easily turn into a catastrophe if you aren’t careful.

Slip and Falls

Weather in NEPA is rapidly changing with many of us already experiencing below-freezing temperatures at night, leading to wet surfaces freezing. Be it a slippery snow-covered surface, an uneven step, a wobbly handrail, or a pothole in a grocery store parking lot, be mindful of your surroundings and take care of your own property to avoid being liable for someone else’s personal injury.

Avoid Injuries This Holiday Season: Kalinoski Law Offices

The holidays are a time for togetherness–no matter what that looks like this year. But it is imperative to practice due diligence and be mindful of the possibility of personal injuries that may occur. And as always, if you find yourself a victim of someone else’s negligence, contact the personal injury attorney, Craig Kalinoski. Our Scranton personal injury lawyer will guide you through the process to make sure you are compensated for the injuries you sustain. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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