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With more than a decade of legal experience, Craig P. Kalinoski of Kalinoski Law Offices P.C. in Scranton has earned a reputation throughout the region as an attorney who provides personalized attention to clients while taking a no-nonsense approach to resolving a broad spectrum of legal needs.

Hire Craig for criminal or family law! You won't regret it. If I'm ever in need of a lawyer in the Scranton area again, Craig will be my first call. Adam S.

A very knowledgeable lawyer. His prices are reasonable and he fights for what is right! Thank you for taking my case seriously! Tiffany S.

Just a quick note to say thank you! I really appreciate everything. You went above and beyond once again. Jessica W.

I wanted to thank you for the way you have represented me and the way you fought for me. I received the good news about having my charges dropped. Christian L.

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. Well appreciated. Thanks again! Patricia K. & Kristina P.

Thank you so much for your help and time. You have one hell of a future ahead of you. Thank God for people like yourself. God Bless you Craig. Robert P.

I wanted to thank you for taking a moment of your time to help me and being so understanding of my situation. Thank you for fighting for my belongings it may have been small items but they meant a lot to me. Missy C.

I would like to thank you with the utmost appreciation for what you have done and tried to do in my behalf. You are the master of appeals. We worked you to the final decision. Thank you! Durland S.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and being so nice. We really appreciate it. Dana, Kristy, Joan.

I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for your services and your kindness. I greatly appreciate all your hard work and determination in overcoming the unfortunate circumstances bestowed upon me. It is because of you that I am now able to build and fulfill the career in which I wish to pursue. I cannot put into words truly how grateful I am for all that you have done. Thank you for your time, patience, and consideration. Tiffany S.

Thank you for the info on the lemon law. After a year of asking and begging others for help, you and Craig S. (AAA) were the only ones who tried to aid an 80-year-old woman. You have every right to be proud of yourself. Thank you. Michael N. & Estelle K.</span

I wanted to thank you for the way you have represented me and the way you fought for me. I received the good news about having my charges dropped. Christian L.

First I want to thank you for all your help during my sentencing and all your help throughout my case. Thank you. My wife also thanks you. Thank you again for everything. Ronald P.

Hi. Let me start by saying that I'm not good with letters. I'm writing to you from the heart because I want you to know how grateful I am for everything you've done for me. I have yet to hear the Judge's ruling but I know it's all in his hands now and I feel that you went above and beyond in representing me. Thank you so much for everything. Dana F.

I'm just writing you to let you know I see your work. Your shining. I hope we can get the same ruling in my case. Jamaal V.

An individual you represented a while back gave me your name. In his words, he said "You're a beast in law", and had only good things to say about you. I would like to know if you would look at my case and consider it. I met Atty. Kalinoski during the most difficult part of my life. I was separating from my husband of 20 years, with 5 young children to care for. Craig was absolutely wonderful! He assured me that he would keep both mine and my kids' best interests at center stage. He worked diligently to obtain a decent child support and spousal support for us. Craig also did his best to return my phone calls in a timely manner. As far as his fee, I was treated very, very fair. He is an honest, trustworthy, hard-working attorney. Gail J.

Thanks so much. It's the little things you do for people that really touch their hearts. You're a good man Craig and a great lawyer never change. Susan

Thank you. I am grateful. Daniel Y.

Excellent attorney. Sharp, prepared & killer cross-examinations. Fights for your rights & makes underdogs come out victorious. Knows how to set the opposition up - then knock their knees out from under them! This is one attorney not afraid to go to trial. A Former Family Law Client

Mr. Kalinoski is an excellent lawyer. He handled my case very well. Thank your Mr. Kalinoski. Steve N.

I have known Craig for quite a few years now, not just as my attorney, but as a friend and a schoolmate. I needed to render his services in 2006 and he immediately responded. I felt extremely confident in his ability to help me through my upcoming struggles. I was NOT disappointed with his services. He made the judicial system seem very relaxing to me. I would personally retain his services again if the situation ever arose. Hopefully it won't but, if it does I will definitely be calling Attorney Kalinoski. Joel F.

Attorney Kalinoski has represented me several times over the years. I can tell you that he is the kind of guy you want on your side. He does not bow down or play any "politics" with your future. He makes you feel like you are his only client. Never once has he not had time for me or my calls...pretty impressive! Chris M.

Attorney Kalinoski has represented both my son and myself for separate cases three times. His legal expertise in many different areas of the law, dedication and ability to communicate with his clients are unsurpassed. Every phone call and meeting with him leaves me with the feeling that my interests are well protected and served. The peace of mind I always have from my dealings with him are priceless. He has thoroughly handled delicate, complex issues for me and I am grateful to have him in my corner. His integrity, honesty and swiftness in calling me back is in part why I consider him a trusted advisor as well as my lawyer. I have dealt with several attorneys over the course of my life, some very good but none as good as Craig Kalinoski. If you are in need of an attorney, hire Craig. Lynn C.

Very professional. He informed me on every step of the process. A Former Criminal Defense Client

I lost a case at the magistrate's office regarding a house I was attempting to purchase that had incorrect/false information in the sales agreement regarding the deed. I hired Attorney Kalinoski feeling that I had a strong case to receive my deposit money back $3,000. He agreed and informed the real estate company via a very well written letter everything he felt that they violated in trying to keep my money. Within 30 days I had all my money back. If ever a time arises that I need a lawyer again, without doubt I will be contacting Attorney Kalinoski. Holly J.

Great lawyer with the most professional demeanor. Very direct, gets straight to the point. And for those of us not used to going to court, he made me feel very comfortable, he knows exactly what he's doing and displays it with confidence. I really appreciate everything he did for me and I would recommend Mr. Kalinoski to anyone looking for someone to represent them. Larissa D.

I would recommend Mr. Kalinoski to anyone that needs a lawyer, he is very direct and to the point on how he handles your case. He handled my support and custody case with great knowledge and fought for what I was asking for... I would recommend him hands down!! Mark K.

Craig has done work for me on several matters and has consistently delivered with the results that I expected. Jeffrey D.

I can't thank you enough for your greatly appreciated help. I felt better as soon as I spoke with you and couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Andrea J.

Craig is an amazing Attorney. He is very down to earth and to the point. Don't even bother looking for other Attorneys because Craig will work hard for you, he will win for you, he will treat you will dignity and respect. Going through legal and family issues is very difficult but part of life and Craig was honestly the angel I needed to fight for me and my family. He is the BEST Attorney and an excellent Father himself so he knows what it means to put your family first and he will put yours first. Maria F.

Attorney Kalinoski was able to correct a long-overdue child support modification with a dead beat dad. He was very professional at the consultation and very competent in court. At this point, I would highly recommend him for anyone in my situation. Tiffany S.

Attorney Kalinoski represented me & won my PFA hearing. He walked me through the court procedure when I felt nervous, is a very polite, professional, and intelligent gentleman. Mr. Kalinoski has great communication skills and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had in regards to my case. Craig has great knowledge of the law, is excellent during cross examinations by asking 'on point' questions and has great recognization to detail during testimony. Charlotte B.

Mr. Kalinoski was very professional. He explained exactly what was happening with my custody case. He explained 'legal' terms to me that I otherwise wouldn't understand. He maintained confidentially with my case and always answered my questions promptly. I would recommend him to friends & family that need an attorney. Allison

Attorney Kalinoski represents me in a custody case and I could not be more pleased with his performance. After having a bad experience with my previous lawyer, it is a blessing to finally be represented by someone as professional as Attorney Kalinoski. He took on my case from my previous lawyer, gathered all the information about my case, and made sure all the legalities were in order. In our conversations prior to court he was honest and never misleading about what the outcome may be. In court, he was confident and very mindful of the difficult situation at hand. He always spoke kindly to me, explained what the order meant, and always answered any questions I had. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney. Miranda

Attorney Kalinoski went above and beyond when it came to my custody case for my daughter. Not only did he do an incredible job with making sure I got full physical AND full legal custody, he also made it seem like he genuinely cared. He made it a point to answer any and all questions I had, and kept me very informed on what was happening and what will happen. I would easily recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance! Ciera A.

Attorney Kalinoski is always very honest and helpful. He is very friendly and offers assistance whenever I reach out with questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal help! Alicia

Knowledgeable and compassionate. I was very worried about my case and Craig's ability was a Godsend! I would recommend his advice and services to all my friends and family. He handled all my concerns and dealt with my situation seamlessly! Excellent job! Excellent attorney! Carissa M.

Craig Kalinoski was the best lawyer I have ever had. He genuinely cared about my case and was extremely helpful. He responded to me immediately whenever I had a question and gave me great moral support. He was honest about my case and has a vast knowledge in law. His prices are excellent. His performance in court showed a passion for justice that you usually don't see with most lawyers. He helped me a great deal in my time of need and I recommend him to anybody. Mr. Kalinoski is a true professional. I thank him for all he has done for me and putting his all into his clients' cases and truly caring about the client as a person! Thanks Craig! Jennifer

Atty. Kalinoski is precise, persistent & fights for his clients. I had the privilege of having him represent me & there isn't a different attorney that I would recommend. When you are working with Atty. Kalinoski you can feel secure that you are in great hands! I wish all Attorneys had his ethics, knowledge & confidence. Kelly K.

Attorney Kalinoski answered my questions completely and it was evident he has a vast legal knowledge. Attorney Kalinoski was extremely honest with me in regards to my rights in custody issues, both general questions and also specific questions in my case. He returned my phone calls in a timely manner, even if it meant on a Friday night. He empowered me, while at the same time, always putting the rights of the children first, which I believe is extremely important as when all is said and done, it should be about what is best for the children involved. I believe every avenue was addressed from custody, support, alimony, and also specific items in my case. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend this lawyer with confidence that their case would be dealt with in the same manner. Stephanie

I went to Craig when I had a school issue that involved my child, he was very helpful. He always kept me up to date with what was going on and gave me great advice as well. I will absolutely go to him if I ever need to again. Sara

Craig went above and beyond representing my custody case. He works hard to make sure every detail is in order so when he stands in the courtroom he is ready. He kept me informed and updated every step of the way. He is understanding and very trustworthy. I would recommend Craig to everyone he is true to his word. Danielle B.

When I went to Craig it was for custody of my daughter and I honestly didn't know what to expected or what I was planning on doing. He sat me right down and broke up each and every step that we will take to help me with getting custody of my daughter. He was very educational very supportive and very knowledgeable. He helped me each and every time I had to go back to court for my own going child custody. Not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't go back. Lindsey B.

Craig did everything and more for my case. Even when I made it difficult to get a hold of me. I fell on hard times and he went above and beyond on every matter involving my case. I just want to say thank you and I would recommend to anybody in need of a lawyer. Edward M.

When I needed a lawyer I was fortunate enough to have found Craig. As a lawyer, Craig exceeded all of my expectations. He is very professional, understanding, and responded promptly to all of my questions. He kept me informed with explanations of possible outcomes leaving me confident knowing he was handling my case. Craig's hard work got me the best results, and he did much of it without having to involve me. I am truly grateful to have run across him when I did and would give him the highest recommendation to anyone in need of a lawyer! Alana

We fight for the rights of our clients in a wide spectrum of practice areas, ranging from criminal defense to family law and personal injury.

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