Winter Slip and Fall Safety Tips

Posted on February 11th, 2022

Over the past few weeks, people all over NEPA have had to deal with icy winter conditions, which can be unsafe not only when you’re driving, but even when you’re walking outside. Whether you’re going to your car, taking your dog for a walk, or trying to enjoy the limited hours of sunlight, no one can stay in all day just because it’s icy. However, slipping and falling on the ice can lead to serious injuries, so you need to know how to prevent it, and how to get help if you do get hurt in a slip and fall accident

Winter isn’t over just yet, and there are plenty of years where wintery conditions continue into early spring. Here are some tips for staying safe from slip and fall accidents in bad weather.

Get the Right Footwear

For those in NEPA, good snowshoes and winter boots are a worthwhile investment. You know that there will be bad weather every winter, so you know they will get used year after year. Not only can good winter shoes keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures, but they can keep you safe from slipping and falling. Regular shoes are not equipped for snow and ice and can make it more likely that you’ll fall and get hurt. If you’re going somewhere that requires dressier footwear, you can always wear winter boots to and from while you’re outside and change to something more appropriate.

Walk Slowly and Watch for Ice

Many of us are always in a rush, but when there’s snow and ice outside, you need to slow down. Walking quickly is a great way to fall and get seriously hurt. Slow down when the weather is bad and, if possible, use handrails to keep yourself from slipping. Anyone who lives in an area with harsh winter weather also knows how hard it can be to see icy spots sometimes. If you know that it’s cold enough for water to freeze and there’s been any precipitation lately, stay alert for possible ice. 

Keep Walking Safely Inside

Unsafe walking conditions during the winter don’t end as soon as you get inside. Many people will be dragging snow into the building, leaving it to melt and cause more slipping hazards. Wet floors are not always properly marked, so be sure to watch out for wet surfaces near entrances. 

Clean Your Sidewalks

Most people don’t look forward to clearing their sidewalks after a snowstorm or when it’s icy, but you can’t put off doing so. Not only does clearing any walkways keep you safe, but it will keep anyone else walking past your property safe. The last thing you want is to have to deal with someone slipping and falling because you didn’t properly maintain your sidewalks during the winter. Whether you’re shoveling snow or keeping ice away with salt, keeping your sidewalks clear can only help protect you, both from getting injured and injuring someone else.

Seek Medical Care 

Some might assume that a fall isn’t that bad and can’t cause serious injuries. However, slipping and falling on ice can be dangerous for anyone, but especially those with existing medical conditions or the elderly. If something feels wrong, don’t put off getting medical help. Neglecting to do so can lead to the injury getting worse and can hurt your chances of getting proper compensation if you decide to take legal action. 

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney If You’ve Been Injured in a Winter Slip and Fall

Accidents happen every day, but when they’re caused by negligence, you deserve to get help. A winter slip and fall can cause injuries, expensive medical bills, missed time from work, and more. If someone else is responsible, they should have to cover the damages. At Kalinoski Law Offices in Scranton, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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