How to Know If Divorce Is Right For You

Posted on February 18th, 2021

Chances are if you are scouring the internet on how to determine if divorce is right for you, you may be experiencing some difficulties within your marriage. But knowing if it’s time to call it quits for good, or if you need a chance to breathe can be difficult–especially if you’ve been married for many years, have children, etc. At Kalinoski Law Offices, we know how difficult it can be but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of considerations to make as you determine if divorce is right for you.

#1. Do your future goals align with your spouses?

There are many variables that come into play when a couple decides to divorce. It can be financial issues, substance abuse, infidelity, etc. But something that many may not realize is that it isn’t always a dramatic or dangerous reason spouses decide to go separate ways. In some cases, the pair can no longer see a future with their spouse due to goals not aligning and priorities shifting over the years.

#2. Have you determined other options?

There is seldom a good time to get a divorce–even though January tends to be the leading month in filings. If you have children, there is the worry of their wellbeing, holidays, birthdays, school functions, etc. If you and your spouse have always run in the same social circle, there is also the fear that one of you will be dropped from the friend group as a result.

You may already worry about the solitude that comes with the stigma of divorce, but you must consider other options. You and your spouse may decide to go through separation to try to salvage the marriage while also getting the distance you need. You may also try mediation or couples counseling to see where your marital problems are, and if they can be remedied.

#3. Your Marriage Checklist.

It’s possible for a marriage to end amicably, and they often do. Those stigmas that many worry about are not really around in the modern world–especially with divorce occurring in almost half of all marriages.

But just like we explained the other options you may have, it’s important to run through your marriage checklist to ensure that before you sign on the dotted line, you and your spouse have exhausted all other options.

  • Identify the problem in your marriage.
  • Seek guidance on remedying the issue if possible.
  • Separate for a period of time to gain insight into your marriage.
  • Attend counseling.
  • Determine what you both need to live happy lives.

Obviously, that checklist is easier said than done for many of us. But there are other considerations, too. Some that may be more obvious than others depending on the state of your marriage.

Marriage Red Flags

In some cases, a marriage ends because the love that once existed no longer is there–or perhaps that love has transformed into a friendship. In these situations, both partners may realize the decline of the marriage and come to an amicable agreement that divorce is the best choice.

But for others, there may be red flags in the relationship that show it’s time to move on.

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Lack of respect
  • Violent/degrading behavior
  • Fundamental differences
  • Infidelity
  • Physical/emotional abuse
  • Addiction

In some cases, these issues can be worked through. But when your safety or the safety of your children is at stake, you may already be preparing to divorce.

Just like no two marriages are the same, the same goes for divorce. But if you find yourself in a position needing a divorce lawyer, Attorney Craig Kalinoski can help.

Considering Divorce? Kalinoski Law Offices Is Here For You

With a track record of success in Lackawanna County, divorce attorney Craig P. Kalinoski has proven his abilities as both a tough negotiator and an experienced litigator who earns fair resolutions for couples looking to end a marriage.

Whether you need someone in your collaborative divorce process who can be neutral to the situation or a strong negotiator in the courtroom, Attorney Kalinoski will fight for your rights and the preservation of your family unit. Contact the Scranton family lawyer, Craig Kalinoski, today.

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