Divorce At The Holidays: Is Now The Right Time For Your Family?

Posted on December 2nd, 2020

January is considered divorce month as many couples will take the time after the Christmas holiday to decide if their marriage is worth saving. In fact, many family law firms report a spike in post-holiday filings the Monday after Christmas. However, some couples may opt to begin the divorce process before the holiday season. While the choice is up to you, at Kalinoski Law Offices, we have a few things you may want to consider before saying “I don’t” before Christmas.

Divorce Before Christmas: Things to Consider

Divorce near the holidays can be troubling for a variety of reasons, the first being that the holiday season often creates a false sense of hope that the marital relationship is repairing itself. In some cases, it is possible, but often not likely. In addition, the influx of family members visiting for the season makes the pressure even more taxing on the couple who then must field questions during awkward family meals.

But if you are considering divorce this holiday season, keep in mind the following issues.

  • If your divorce is mutual, proceed but if it will come as a surprise, maybe wait for the new year. Sometimes a couple will know that the relationship has run its course and the time to separate has come. In those instances, both parties are likely willing to negotiate the division of assets, custody schedules, etc. However, if only one party is ready to end the marriage, waiting until the holiday season passes is likely your best choice to avoid turmoil.
  • If you are in an abusive or toxic marriage, the holiday schedule does not matter. If your safety or your children are in danger, the holidays don’t matter–it is imperative you seek safety away from your spouse. If needed, contact law enforcement, seek a PFA, and get to a safe place while the paperwork is being processed.
  • Consider your current financial situation with the holidays and if you can afford divorce right now. Money may already be tight for you during the holidays. Knowing your budget and upcoming bills, you may want to hold off on divorce until you can get back on your feet. The holidays are stressful, as is divorce, so as long as you are not in danger, it may be best to wait until you have a bit more cash flow prepared.
  • Will you have a support system or nay-sayers? Sometimes family is the best to have around during these major life events where other times, your family may question your decision to call it off. You know your family and your ability to handle stressful situations best–if having those extra people around will only make the situation worse, it may be best to wait until everyone packs their bags and returns home.
  • Will you need professional help right away? If you will need legal assistance, medical, or other forms of professional services right away, waiting until the holidays pass may be for the best as many offices will be on shortened hours or simply closed for the holidays.

There are many elements you need to consider when filing for divorce during the holiday season. Your happiness and safety are of the utmost importance but knowing the full scope of what to expect can often make the process more manageable.

The Gift of New Beginnings: Kalinoski Law Offices P.C.

People look at divorce like it’s a bad thing, but it can often be a new beginning that both partners need. Whether you are looking to separate before the holidays or make the choice once the tree comes down, know that you have a legal team ready to help you through this next phase in life.

At Kalinoski Law Offices, we help couples throughout Scranton and NEPA with their family law needs, including holiday divorces. If you have questions about the process, call our office today for a free consultation. We’re here to help.

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