Debunking Divorce Month

Posted on January 9th, 2020

The Christmas lights are down. The pine needles of the once glowing tree now litter your floor. The holidays are over. You may have thought the family portrait on your holiday card was a sign that things were changing in your marriage for the better. Instead, with the end of the holiday season, your everyday problems have grown. You may have hoped for a better outcome, but now it seems like you only have one choice. January has been dubbed the “Divorce Month” as many law offices see a spike in filings after the holiday season. But is it actually the number one month for divorce?

Like defining relationships, it’s complicated. 

In the New York Times article, “‘Divorce Month’ Fact or Fiction: Do More Couples Split in January?” reporters took a look at what the trends actually are in divorces. 

Seasonal Splits

For many couples looking to separate, they will wait until the holidays are over, especially when children are involved. 

Family law offices may see a lull in divorce filings from Thanksgiving to New Year as couples may want to give it one last try or, just give their children one last holiday together. 

In a review of Google Trends data, “divorce” searches decline before the Christmas holiday, starts to rise on December 26, decline before New Year’s and rises again by January 2. Though only subtle differences, there must be some truth to these seasonal splits. 

In a 2018 article by the INDEPENDENT UK, January 8th was named the most popular day to begin the legal process of dissolving a marriage. 

March and August: The True Divorce Months

In a 2016 study by the University of Washington, the notion of January being divorce month was debunked.

Debunking Divorce Month

The study found that March and August were the true peak months to file for divorce. For many, the winter and summer months are a time for family, so filing for divorce tends to fall during those times. Granted, there is a spike that begins in January and reaches its peak in March which is where the start of the January being divorce month myth may originate. 


Looking to Start Your New Year Fresh?

In 2019, The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued divorce statistics which included the statewide divorce rate: One divorce per every 383.31 residents.

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