COVID-19 Not the First Event to Lead to Divorce Spikes

Posted on April 30th, 2020

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a large spike in divorces around the world as a result of COVID-19. While we can expect new studies to emerge on the impacts of COVID-19 on divorce in the next few months and weeks, this is not the first time a global event has resulted in increased divorce.

Marriage, Divorce, and War: U.S. Trends on Divorce

At the conclusion of World War II, many U.S. couples who waited for peacetime to get married did just that. However, for those who rushed into “I do” during the war, there was also a great spike in divorce.

History has long influenced couples’ decisions to get married or to break up.

For example, at the start of World War I, many couples wanted to tie the knot before going to war. Something very similar occurred during World War II. However, when men returned home, the family unit was different. Some had returned ready to call off a relationship because they met someone overseas, while some women had already found a new partner, after waiting for their husbands to return home.

More simply, this has nothing to do with infidelity or the emotional toll on war. For many couples, the choice to get married before going to war was rushed and not thought out. Those couples were not compatible and it only took the end of the war to find out.

War isn’t the only thing that impacts marriages. We know finances often can hinder a relationship, but during the Great Depression, many couples who wanted to divorce could not afford to, drawing out bad relationships for longer periods.

Not only were couples not breaking up, but some also were not getting married at all because they simply could not afford to.

I do and I don’t: Marriage and Divorce in a Global Pandemic

While we are seeing many weddings being postponed due to COVID-19, that is not the same as not getting married at all. However, we already know that divorce rates are down, as many more adults are waiting to wed.

We can only suspect that as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in the United States, we will continue to see shifts in marriage and divorce trends.

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