Child Custody & Summer Vacation

Posted on May 28th, 2020

With the school year wrapping up for many children in our area, parents may be looking for getaways that are close to home but still get the kids out of the house for some summer fun. While this may not seem like a problem, for divorced couples on a child custody schedule, this can become complicated. Here are some tips on making a summer vacation custody schedule that is fair to you and your ex, and keeps your child safe and happy.

Make It Fair – Summer Child Custody

Just because you have primary custody of your child does not mean you are entitled to the majority of his or her summer vacation. When it comes to making the summer custody schedule, you need to be upfront with your ex about what travel plans you have as well as the division of summer holidays.

Whether you alternate weekends, split holidays, or make travel arrangements in advance, it’s important to share all of that information with your ex as soon as you can so they can also make summer plans with your child.

Communicate and Allow Communication

It’s important for you to communicate plans with your ex, but it’s also important for you to allow them to share their plans with you. Custody tends to be a much more beneficial process when all parties can talk to each other.

In addition to you talking with your ex, you need to allow your child extra time to speak with their noncustodial parent. Whether it’s phone calls and video chats while you are on your beach getaway or extra texting time, they deserve to have equal access to each parent to continue manifesting these positive relationships.

Exchange Custody in A Safe, Familiar Place

Because your child’s school may have been the custody exchange location during the academic year, in the summer you may have to come up with a different spot to meet.

Most often, the exchange should occur in a public spot, so all parties involved–including your child–feel comfortable and safe. And, you and your ex can keep it civil.

When it comes to picking a neutral exchange spot that is not the child’s school, you may opt for your local fire department or police station, which is inherently safe but is also monitored.

Contact Attorney Craig Kalinoski for Your Child Custody Needs

When it comes to child custody, we know the school year has its advantages of a structured, built-in schedule which helps keep the custody agreement on track. But when summer hits, while you are excited to have your child home, you also must complete more planning with your ex on how the summer schedule will be.

Many couples find this process very easy to handle, especially if the custody agreement has always been amicable and flexible. However, when it’s not, you may need a child custody attorney to guide you through the custody modification process. 

If you need assistance navigating summer schedules with your ex, let Kalinoski Law Offices, P.C. help. Schedule a free consultation today and our child custody attorney Craig Kalinoski will help you and your ex come up with the best schedule for your child.

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