5 Tips for Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Posted on July 20th, 2021

There’s a good chance you don’t have very much experience in the legal field. Fortunately, working with a lawyer will help ensure that you have someone who understands the law and the legal process. If you’re facing criminal charges, who you choose as your criminal defense attorney is important.

However, even if you understand this importance, you might be worried about making the right choice and unsure of what to look for in a lawyer. You want to make the right decision when choosing a criminal defense lawyer, so here are five tips for finding the right representation for your case.

Find Someone Who Understands Your Unique Case

Criminal cases can be extremely complex. Having a criminal defense attorney is critical, but there are many different types of legal charges that can vary greatly. Not all criminal defense lawyers may be well versed with the charges you’re facing. For example, at Kalinoski Law, Attorney Craig Kalinoski has years of experience handling different criminal charges, including violent offenses, drug charges, and weapons offenses.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

An experienced attorney with a good track record of helping their clients should be able to prove this to prospective clients. Because of this, many lawyers provide reviews and testimonials from their former clients on their websites. It’s important to see that others who have been in situations like yours have benefitted from having a specific lawyer on their side. You might also be able to find information like this on online forums and directories. Many lawyers and law firms will tell you why you should work with them. Hearing it from their former clients can be much more telling.

Get Referrals

Similar to reading reviews and testimonials, you should also try to get referrals. These can come from friends, family, and anyone else you already know. People you have a relationship with can candidly tell you about their experience working with a criminal defense lawyer, including any downsides. If you already know someone who’s worked with a criminal defense lawyer, their opinions and experience might mean much more to you than what you can read online from others. You may not know how many people you know have had to hire a criminal defense lawyer and can help you.

Look for Someone with Experience in Local Courts

Not only do you want someone with experience handling cases like yours, but you also want a lawyer who has experience working in your area. A local attorney will understand the specific workings of your local courts. They also have experience working with different members of the legal community who could be involved in your case. Attorneys like this will be the best ones to have on your side and know what it takes to help you achieve the best outcome.

Be Sure You Feel Comfortable with Them

Figuring out how to choose a criminal defense lawyer can be overwhelming when you’re already going through a lot. While a lawyer’s experience and competence will be extremely important, you also need to consider how you feel about working with them. You do need to have a good relationship with your lawyer to help give your case the best chances. Feeling like you can be open with them and trust them shouldn’t be overlooked. A good criminal defense lawyer should offer a free consultation before taking you on as a client. You can use this time to get to know each other and see if you work well together.

Consult with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Scranton, PA

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is a huge decision and one you should feel confident in. Attorney Craig P. Kalinoski of Kalinoski Law Offices P.C. has over a decade of experience working in the legal field and is well-known in the area for providing dedicated legal services to his clients.

Don’t wait too long to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Scranton, PA. Contact Kalinoski Law Offices P.C. today to get a free consultation with a trusted criminal defense lawyer.

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