Don’t Let Underage Drinking and Driving Derail Your Future

A charge of underage drinking and driving can quickly derail future opportunities. It is crucial to work with a Scranton juvenile DUI defense lawyer who understands what is at stake. You need someone who can explain the criminal justice system, the administrative penalties as well as the life consequences you or your child may be facing due to underage dui charges.

At Kalinoski Law Offices P.C. in Scranton, we take the time to carefully explain all of your options so you can take an active role in the decisions that must be made. Criminal matters affect important life decisions. Craig Kalinoski is a DUI/DWI defense attorney who is always mindful of both short- and long-term consequences and he fights hard to minimize both. To discuss your needs and our skills during a free, confidential initial consultation, contact us today.

Underage Alcohol Consumption and Impaired Driving Carry Stiff Penalties

Did you know that a first-offense charge of underage drinking carries a three-month driver’s license suspension whether or not you were in a car at the time the police arrest you? That suspension period increases to a whole year for a second offense.

Additionally, did you know if you are under 21, you can be charged with underage DUI for a blood alcohol content level (BAC) that measures as low as .02? There are also very harsh penalties if your BAC level is found to be between .10 and .16.

Attorney Craig P. Kalinoski understands that facing the criminal justice system for the first time, especially as a minor, can be a frightening experience. He works with every client from start to finish and will explain every step along the way. His goal is to protect your future, including scholarship, job, and other opportunities.

He will explain if there are grounds to challenge a field sobriety test that was conducted when you were pulled over or a subsequent blood test or breath test you were asked to submit to. Our firm understands how to construct a solid breath test defense and other aspects that may change the course of your case and reduce the penalties you are facing.

Helping Families Throughout the Wilkes-Barre Region After Underage DUI Charges

If you are a minor facing underage dui charges or you are the parent of a child accused impaired driving, contact our office today. Taking steps on your own without knowledgeable criminal defense representation could negatively affect the outcome of your case. Call (570) 207-4000 or use our contact form to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

We fight for the rights of our clients in a wide spectrum of practice areas, ranging from criminal defense to family law and personal injury.

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